And 5,6,7,8

Quote my mum (there will be many of these because as I’ve been learning – she’s right!!) “Parenthood feels like a dance where just as you learn the steps, the dance suddenly changes”. Well I’m going to come clean…some days it feels like it isn’t just the dance that has changed…it’s the whole dance genre and I’m not wearing the right type of shoes. I’m 12 counts behind and I arrived late to class…

But then…all of a sudden we find our step. My toes aren’t being trodden on any more and I’m not whacking someone in the face because I got my timing wrong. 

It’s a dance alright…with no syllabus to prep from – but it does work and from time to time there are a few gadgets that I have found to help give my brain space to adapt to all the quick costume changes and fouettes on the left. 

1. The Ergo baby 360…what would I do without it? So many naps have taken place in this wonderful contraption. This mastermind of a carrier will bring almost every turned in, out of time and badly choreographed pas de deux back to life. I was lucky that I got to try one before I bought. Many towns have places you can hire them (or other slings etc)from. 

2. At my baby shower a friend gave me one of these: Gro Egg. It’s a temperature device that glows different colours for the baby’s room being too hot or cold or just right. It gives specific temperature too. Being that I have terrible eyesight I have found it so incredibly useful in the middle of the night – no fumbling for my glasses to read a tiny screen. The light is orange? Temperature is good! Plus as an added bonus it’s enough light to feed by, check on baby or lovingly stare at them when the are finally asleep and you should be too (guilty right now of exactly that – he’s in my arms after a re-settle and he’s just so lovely) 
3. As a sucker for punishment I tend to spend most of my free time googleing sleep for babies (when your baby doesn’t sleep it’s easy to become a bit obsessed) but I have found a few websites that I think are worth the time. 

The Baby Sleep Practitioners – while I have not used their services their blogs are really good. They have a background in healthcare and are advocates for ensuring the baby sleep consultant industry is more regulated.
Aha ParentingPinky McKay – more awesome blogs and advice
Aaaaaaand Emily Writes – who is hilarious and was really good company at 4am one morning when I really needed to smile. 

4. And who could forget Lulla Doll. We have only just purchased this so the jury is still out but so far re-settles have been calmer and it has allowed us to phase out the irritating white noise (yussssssssssss) – WIN! 

So my friends – whether tonight is Swan Lake or Duck Puddle at yours don’t forget – in the dancing world there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. So as soon as I’ve figured out what on earth it is I’m putting in a place I can’t seem to find – I’ll let you know. 


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