The First Child Brings Up The Parents

Before having a child I liked to think of myself as a relatively sorted adult. I had a successful full time job, I was head of department and ran a dance school in my spare time. I was organised. I finished sentences! 

Then I had a baby – and while blessed with the most wonderful little boy – I was suddenly the most vulnerable and unqualified I have ever felt. I’m not afraid to admit it – I wanted my Mummy!! It didn’t matter how much I had read and planned – I felt so unprepared- I couldn’t colour code my way to safety with this. My boy, my husband and I were going to have to learn together. He was going to have to teach us as much as we would him. “The first child brings the parents up” is something my mum always said and boy is she right!! 

And so our journey of parenthood began and before I go further I’m going to claim it – it’s freaking awesome and it has changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. 

But there’s one topic that so many of us write about and complain about and desperately search for answers for – sleep. Our son didn’t sleep. Everyone had told me that newborns were sooooo sleepy. Our boy slept at most 4 hours out of 24 for the first 3 weeks and it wasn’t continuous. 

Over the past 6 months it hasn’t got much better. Our wee man currently wakes every hour (sometimes sooner) the most he has ever slept is 3 hours. 

I have spent so many hours googleing sleep help, going to seminars and webinars, trying sleep patterns and ideas etc etc. It hasn’t helped. But – reading other people’s stories of their own sleep struggles has and so I write this blog with the hope that just like me – reading someone’s story might help one of those mums who is googleing alone in the wee hours of the morning desperately wanting some comfort that they are not alone. You aren’t. We aren’t. 

So on with the journey! 


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